Latin-caribbean inspired cuisine with a California twist.


Bright flavors, crisp seasoning, only the freshest products.


We source ingredients from local farms whenever possible.




Welcome to Spice. A pop up restaurant and private chef service in the Tampa bay area of Southwest Florida.

Spice is a service that will bring delicious meals into the homes or businesses of those looking for bold flavours and decadent dishes without all the hassle.

I’ve helped many families and businesses enjoy delicious meals with my sought after recipes that took years to perfect…

…and now it's your turn.

Here’s what I can do for you:

– Be your private chef: This will give you back more of your time… and who doesn't need more of that?

– Cook you gourmet meals: Your taste buds will love you for it (trust me on this one).

– Do you personal grocery shopping: Here's that time thing again…plus you'll eat a lot healthier.

– Plan your meals: Take the guesswork out of preparing healthy meals, plus get back more of your time.

– Be your cooking instructor: You'll finally learn how to cook incredible meals at home with my help..but you can take all the credit.

To get back more of your time and deliver mouth watering meals your tastebuds will thank you for, contact Spice today to discuss your culinary needs or simply send us an email.

Also, be on the lookout as we periodically put on unique, fine dining tasting menu events. Our pop up restaurant will soon be coming to your community.

I’m excited to prepare meals for you that I know you won't soon forget.

Talk to you soon.


Chef / Owner

"Sunshine on a plate"