Hey there, Chef Louis Robinson here.

Cooking is my passion.

I grew up in Oakland California, and later lived in San Francisco, before moving to Sarasota FL in 2012 where I currently live and run my business Spice.

As a kid, you could usually find me parked on the couch watching cooking shows like Julia Childs and Yan Can cook.  Funny how time flies.  Today I am the Chef/Owner of Spice, and I've been blessed to have a successful pop up restaurant, travel near and far for restaurant consulting, and have the privilege of making people happy with food doing our luxury personal chef service.

Growing up in the bay area of Northern California, I ate a lot of amazing Mexican food, as a teenager, I basically lived off tacos trucks lol. Later I met my beautiful wife Joan, who is originally from Jamaica (we've been married for 14 years) and I was able to learn a lot about Caribbean food from taking trips to the islands with her. My passion for these two cuisines- Latin and Caribbean, have shaped my food into what it is today.  I like to say that I do Modern Latin-Caribbean cuisine. Meaning that I take the bold flavors that are so wonderful in those types of food, and I present them in a more sophisticated and interesting way.  You might also call it Floribbean cuisine, because so much of what I cook just goes so well with our tropical warm weather here in Florida.

My wife and I started Spice in January of 2015 and we are so thankful for the support people have shown us. We have done many many pop up dinner events, had the pleasure of cooking in the luxury homes of Sarasota and the surrounding areas, we have competed in the world food championships and taken 4th place in the recipe category, and first place in the “Florida fast, fresh and healthy” competition, we won the “Chefs Plate Miami” cooking competition at one of the best restaurants in Miami, and have gotten to know so many wonderful people here in Southwest Florida, we are truly fortunate.

While cooking is my passion, the real joy of what we do comes in making people happy. Whether its putting on an event serving food that you couldn't normally get in your city, cooking a beautiful candlelit dinner for a couples 5oth anniversary, or helping someone with a strict diet realize that food can still taste good and be healthy, its all about putting smiles on faces.

I hope I get the privilege to put some Spice on your table.

Contact me today to learn more about  Spice and how we can be of service to you and yours.

Talk to you soon,

Chef / Owner